Phil the Wrench Lawson’s puncture repair master class, 18-04-2024.

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9 wheelers attended the first of our Thursday night presentations. Some to learn others to provide some background support/heckling (just to make it like a real club ride).

Phil provided 6 wheels and drawing pins for everyone to do what seemed an easy ask and puncture the tyre. Easy enough to do out on a ride it was surprisingly difficult to do in laboratory conditions.

After some creative methods were employed the tyres where puncture and everyone set about removing the tyre and inner tube to see where the puncture was. Various methods were employed, spit, auditory, feel, a dog bowl filled with water and of course leaving the drawing pin in place in the tyre. Doh.

Phil the presented everyone with a puncture repair outfit and demonstrated how to mark the hole, prepare the surface and apply the patch and of course dust the area with chalk.

All then pumped up the tyres to check whether they were successful, with differing degrees of success ranging from complete success to one participant who with the help of self managed to apply the patch a good 1” away from the hole.

Everyone learnt something and there was the opportunity to try out a nifty new tool to remove the tyres and a collection of pumps including some vintage ones supplied by webmaster. I will get the details of the tool from Phil and send it out separately.

A super evening of education, socialising, banter, heckling and some bad behaviour. Can’t wait till the next one.

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  1. Amber
    | Reply

    It was indeed a great evening. thanks all

    • Paul Simpson
      | Reply

      Good to see you again Amber.

  2. Mags Ivatts
    | Reply

    I’m now equipped with options in case of getting a flat. First is to call for rescue which is unlikely to be practical once I’ve left Rye town. Second is the squirty foamy thing that looks quick and easy. Third is the C02 scary thing that Phil kindly gave me. Fourth and last resort would be the old style method involving replacing the inner tube. I’ve bought the gizmo in anticipation. It was a great evening

    • Paul Simpson
      | Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the evening and picked up some good tips.

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