Wednesday Night Chaingang

A chain gang rides on Wednesday evening through the close season leaving Skinners in Rye at 6.30pm sharp.
This year depending on who turns up there will be two rides to allow for differing paces.
Lights are essential and front light needs to be one to see with rather than be seen, don’t take a chance with yours and other riders lives.
For more information please contact the webmaster.


Message from the Chair.

In light of general easing of restrictions the Committee has now reconsidered our position in relation to our scheduled Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday club rides. We have concluded that rides can resume on the understanding that current guidance on group numbers and social distancing is observed at all times. This means groups must have a maximum of six riders and maintain a social distance of at least one metre. When more than six riders arrive in Rye or Appledore we trust the good sense of members to organise separate groups and different venues so not to transgress the guidelines at cafe stops. Clearly it would be helpful if regular riders on each day use WhatsApp to give prior thought to groups and routes.

Paul Wilson

Chair R&District Wheelers