How to join the Rye & District Wheelers;
If you are a “New Member” or an “Existing Member whose details have changed” then all you have to do is complete the Membership Form (follow link below) and send a cheque payable to “Rye and District Wheelers” to the Club Treasurer;
Mr David Newby, Curlew House, 18 Military Road, Rye. East Sussex.TN317NY.
Or pay online as detailed on Renewal Form (follow link below) and email Club Treasurer telling him you have made payment and when. Can you also give him the information asked for in the Membership Form, this is very important particularly for us to have contact details so we can notify your family/friends in case of accident on Club Rides.
If you are an “Existing Wheeler and your details have not changed” there is no need to fill in the Membership Form just send a cheque or pay online notifying Club Treasurer you have done so.
Club Treasurers email is;

Click to access Membership-Renewal-Form-2024.pdf

Please Note; That after 30th June the Membership Fee is subject to a 50% discount.

Rye and District Wheelers.

Club Rules and Etiquette.

1 Before you Ride.

The club is affiliated to British cycling but does not provide insurance for individual members. Members are strongly advised to make their own arrangements for personal and third party cover which is available from British Cycling at a discounted price.

Riders in organised events ( see below ) should familiarise themselves with the organisers rules and provisions for insurance.

Members should carry emergency contact details on all club rides. In the event of an accident every effort will be made to advise your contact of the circumstances at the very earliest opportunity.

Members are also strongly advised to wear cycle helmets at all times.

The club welcomes riders of all ages and abilities and will use best endeavours to meet all needs. Those of a very young age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Riders under the age of 16 years may be permitted to join organised club rides with the consent of a parent or guardian and by prior agreement with the Club Captain.

2 On the Ride.

Club runs ( rides ) take place each Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. This is the key activity of the club giving members the opportunity to socialize and share their enthusiasm for cycling. The club will continue to support participation in competitive and semi competitive events eg time trials, road races, reliability runs, sportives and audax. Further, the club will from time to time organise additional activities including training runs, chain gangs and local and foriegn tours.

The club run should be sociable, healthy and fun. It is a pleasant way to spend a few hours and escape from daily routine. It is not a race or training session or something to be endured.

Sunday club runs are organised to enable members to ride at their ideal pace. The Black Group is for strong riders who can maintain 18-20 mph pace for 40+ miles. The Red Group is for riders who can maintain 14 – 16 mph for 40+ miles. A slower White Group is demand led rather than routine and meets less frequently.

Weekday groups are not designated Black, Red or White and operate at the pace of participants on the day.

The times and meeting points for club runs are changed from time to time and are updated as required on the club website. Each group has a dedicated WhatsApp group which facilitates communications about attendance, routes and sometimes pleas for help and assistance !

All runs operate on the following group etiquette:

● at the start of the run identify groups and which riders belong to each group ● agree location(s) of stops and routes which should not be changed without agreement and clear communication to all riders ● no riding off the front ● nobody gets dropped ● no rider gets left to ride on his/her own without prior discussion and agreement ● If riders fall behind the group must wait to enable people to re-join, recover and ride at a comfortable pace ● If there are sprints for signs or hills, again the ride must regroup, allow recovery and ride on as a group ● at the stop ensure all riders have arrived safely and agree the approach for the return journey. Riders may legitimately want to leave early or ride faster and if so they should ensure their intentions are known. ● At the end of a run, if at all possible riders should re-group and account for all members.

3 Annual Subscriptions.

The current subscription is a very modest £15 pa which we encourage members to pay punctually each January. We welcome guest riders and friends on an occasional basis. We think it is always best for potential new members to try a few rides before joining but we do not think it is right or fair to others for anyone to ride on a regular basis without paying the annual subscription.

4 Data Protection.

The personal data provided on the membership form is used only for internal communication and is not shared with third parties. The data is held by a maximum of four committee members : Chair, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary and Membership Secretary. Please use the membership form to advise if you do not wish your data to be held on file.

Rye and District Wheelers Committee 14 November 2019