Tuesday Club Runs

Two rides both at a steady pace and meeting as below;
Morning Ride meets at 10 at North Salts and 10.30 at Appledore Bridge.
Afternoon Ride meet at 12.00 noon at Appledore Bridge.
Why not do both?
Coronavirus update.

Dear Members, Please see notes from the committee on Club rides.

From the committee.

As members will be well aware, England is currently subject to lockdown to try to halt the spread of Covid 19 . There do not appear to have been any exceptions made (as yet at least) for group sports, and the rule is that you can only meet one other person outside for recreation. Unfortunately the committee has therefore had to make the decision to suspend club group rides, and this will need to remain in place until further notice.  As you can meet one other person outside it would appear that riding in twos will still be permitted.  The Government guidance advises to stay Local. British Cycling have indicated that they are making urgent enquiries of the government about what they count as “local” for road cycling. The committee really regrets having to suspend group riding again in the club and shares what many members must be feeling, that we can’t wait for this to be all over.

Kind regards,
Rye Wheelers committee.