Tuesday Club Runs

Two rides both at a steady pace and meeting as below;
Morning Ride meets at 10 at North Salts and 10.30 at Appledore Bridge.
Afternoon Ride meet at 12.00 noon at Appledore Bridge.
Why not do both?
Coronavirus update.
Hi all
Well done to all for embracing the new norm and continuing to restrict our ride groups to a maximum of 6. However , I do think we need to tighten up on how we meet for club rides at The bridge, because when passers by, come by and we are congregating in groups larger than six, ( albeit in a social distancing manner) it doesn’t look good on the club. This should also apply on where we go for our coffee/cake stops, so, where possible plan these in advance of meeting or at least leaving the bridge.
So, for the time being, we will do the following:
Weekday groups: Confirm attendance through watts app, where possible organise your groups of six prior to arriving at the bridge. On arrival at the bridge, one group (6 max) can meet on the bridge, 2nd group to meet just off from the bridge down the lane towards the Turkey farm where the cars are normally parked. Any liaising to be done between groups can be carried out by a nominated person.
Communication and cooperation are key factors to making this work and keeping us safe, keep an eye on your relative watts app groups and plan ahead.
Any queries please or any further points to put forward please do get in touch.
Keep safe
Dave Greenwood
Club Captain