VC Roubaix visit, phase 3

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After a night spent in good company and sampling the best of Wheelers Hospitality, and receiving various opinions on the voracity of the weather forecast, it was with misplaced hope that curtains were opened on Sunday morning. Hoping against hope to see sunshine all that greeted us was indeed the forecast rain. Never mind says I it’s coming straight down so it doesn’t look that windy and it doesn’t look that heavy either, fool.

After the obligatory Oaks “Full English” we set off, to meet the other Wheelers brave (fool hardy) enough to meet us at the Bridge in Appledore. A ride via Iden lulled us into a false sense of security, soon shattered when we reached the Military Road, it was raining very hard and it was windy. Considering the weather there was a good turnout to meet our French visitors and after introductions it was decide to take the flat way out to Hythe and the hilly way back to make the best of the prevailing wind and conditions.


The Bridge Meet, Dave, Jean-Claude, Jamie, Chris, Paul, Michel, Steve, Barry, Andre and Andy. Paul S taking photo.

The ride soon naturally split into 2 groups, one faster including Michel of VC Roubaix (a very tidy rider) and the second slower containing Jean-Claude and Andre from VC Roubaix who kindly hung back with Andy Croft, Barry Gooch, Paul Wilson and sec Paul Simpson. After a very wet ride in worsening conditions the 2 groups met again at the Light Railway Cafe and tea/coffee and cake were the order of the day.




The Light Railway Cafe, Hythe.

After climbing up from the Cafe and taking the Hilly route back via Lympe (with none of the expected relief from the wind and rain, but the addition of low rolling mist) it was with a great deal of relief that our French visitors found themselves back at the Oak with 3 Guinness lined up on the Bar accompanied by Andy Croft and Paul Simpson.
After showering and changing they were driven into Rye for lunch by Andy Croft and Paul Simpson; Fish and Chips washed down with a Pint of Fosters. Having eaten heartily they retuned to the Oak for a quick nap before being picked up again by Andy and taken to the Simply Italian in Rye for another evening in the company of Wheelers and nicely rounded off with banter and music at the Ypres Castle Inn.


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