The Wheelers hit the Continent, 05/07-07-2019

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The same weekend but two very different trips for the Wheelers, showing the diversity of the Club Membership.

The first group of; Steve Gooch, Rebecca Wilson, Nick Wilson, Dave Greenwood and Mark Amon demonstrating their Sporting Prowess with a return to the Dolomites to take on the Maratona dles Dolomites. An epic ride and an event taken part in by 9,000 riders from all over the World. The stunning scenery forming the backdrop to breathtaking climbs and descents through many famous passes such as the “Passo Giau” and “Passo Campolongo”.

The second group, oh ok pair, of; Ralph Sperring and Paul Simpson showing a fine mix of Cycling, Eating and Drinking on a return to The Loire Valley to take part in Anjou Velo Vintage. A festival of Vintage Bikes, Dress, Music, Dancing and of course local Food and Dink. In its own right an epic festival taken part in by a similar number of riders from all over the World. The backdrop of this ride formed by the less dramatic but equally beautiful Loire River and it’s Vinyards. And the oportunity to buy more old bikes!!

Words alone cannot describe what it’s like to take part in events like these, you have to be there but some pictures are attached as a little sampler. Why not join a trip next year and see for yourself?

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