Rye Wheelers Group Skills Course

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This Sunday (31st May) sees the first of weekly group skills sessions aimed at those who want to better their cycling with a view to taking up road racing.


The venue is the car park of Jempson’s Superstore in Peasmarsh, we are aiming at starting between 17:00 & 18:00 to allow everyone to arrive (anyone early gets the benefit of 1-2-1 training!). Finish no later than 19:00. The sessions will not be intense so you should be fine to either race or ride the morning then come for the session in the afternoon.


Session format will be learning or improving a skill crucial to racing, then practicing that in pairs/groups before finishing with a coach led race utilizing the skills learnt in the session. The session will go at a pace to accommodate all who participate so don’t feel you are not ‘strong’ enough to attend.


Few rules that the venue has requested:
1/ Parking is in the lay-by (Pond Cottage) to the left as you enter the lane towards the car park (the car park will not be open to vehicles) please do not block the entrance
2/ Under no circumstance is anyone to go behind any of their buildings, into their yards or their petrol forecourt etc.
3/ Their is no facilities so anyone who needs to relieve them self must go down the lane and find a quiet area to do so – absolutely no urinating on their grounds as this looks bad on you, me and the club
4/ We must also tidy up after ourselves



At present the cost to you of attending is nothing! Please contact coach Pav Bryan via coach@pavbryan.com or 07414759129. All are welcome but you must let Pav know before.

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