Rye Wheelers Alternative TT, 26-04-2020. Results

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The best turn out out for a Club TT for a long time saw some taking part for the first time, some still determined not too and some not sure what they were getting into.

The pros were evident in their readiness for action and some were all show and no go but what ever they all took part. All the entrants had to do was follow the lead set by Nick Wilson and replicate his pace/photograph in the fastest time.

Nicks Pace Photo

There’s only one position that matters so with the official pace set by racing secretary Nick Wilson as this;

Jamie Kirkhams winning presentation in 6.45 minutes, faultless presentation.

There have to be some not winners (Losers) and also rans and these are;

Amber King, best foot forward.
Barry Goodsell, in a bit of a rush obviously
Dave Richardson, a bit of Theatre Luvvie.
Dommie, spreading it about a bit.
Doug Lambert, different.
Jo Brittens, perfect symetry.
John Wickens, well ermm.
Linda Rogerson-Heath, best feet forward. Where’s your Helmet?
Paul Osborne, he never did like TT’s.
Paul Simpson, first TT in a long while, unprepared as usual.
Phil Lawson, did the hilly TT instead. Only a couple of hours late.
Steve Gooch, after cracking off at a stunning pace took a wrong turn.
William Murtagh, did a Hill Climb instead and what a hill.

Special Award for presentation; Jo Britten and Amber King

Lantern Rouge; Dommie.

Great turnout and thanks for taking the time to take part and to Nick Wilson for the Event.

Keep a watch out for the next event,

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