l’eroica 2018

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Representatives of “The Rye Wheelers Velo Vintage” team Ralph Sperring and Paul Simpson once again took their old bikes and bodies to Tuscany to acclimatise for their 3rd Eroica. Tough conditions slumming it in a villa in the Tuscan hills did just about ready them for one of the most iconic rides in the world, seriously though for those that haven’t taken part the ride is pretty tough and demanding (The Villa was lovely).
This was the 22nd edition of this ride in the Tuscan Hills on and off roads for Vintage Bikes and 7000+ riders take part in it from all over the world, there are other versions of L’eroica but this one is the original and surely the best. The name Eroica means Hero in Italian and the ethos is that everyone who takes part is such no matter the distance or speed they do.
It’s a wonderfull weekend of riding, bike and component sales and celebrating everything the history of cycling, please try it.
For more see this website; https://eroica.cc/

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