Le Carres de Vallees 2015, from a first timers perspective.

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Le Carre de Vallees 2015

Report from a First-Timer.
Just to add to Paul Simpson’s report I want to say just how much fun it was for me and my friend Margaret. Apart from having an easy drive across to France (thanks Paul Wilson) and having our bikes heaved onto the rack (thanks Paul S, hope your back is better- they were not the lightest) everyone we met was absolutely wonderful in being supportive (we are novice bikers) and refrained from making too many jokes about our, well, old bikes.
On Saturday, our first ride, I thought- this is good, I can do this. However, after various detours, not finding the destination (we did find the destination Heidi, Paul S), a brief snackie picnic, the last few miles on the return ride were a struggle. But I made it (apparently a marathon 25 miles). The Glass of wine later was very appreciated as was the amazing setting, a beautiful lake, for our evening meal.
Next day back to the lake where everyone started their 25/50/100/160km ride. It was a very exciting atmosphere and Margaret/myself and two others went off through the beautiful countryside. It was all very well organized with signs and water/sweet stops. As we chose the short route we got back to the lake early and sat around enjoying food/wine/sun and French ambiance as the long-distance riders returned in batches.Apparently there were between 400-600 riders, mostly men and a lot of Lycra but I must say, everyone was chilled, friendly and it was the least macho crowd I have been in for a long time. So, any women out there who love bicycling, would enjoy France (I was able to use my grey matter retrieving school French) do join the RYE WHEELERS and do the trip next year with us.

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