Group Riding Skills Training

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Group Riding Skills Training

Pav Bryan has heard from Jempson’s that they are willing to let us use their car park Sunday afternoons from 31st May on a trial basis for teaching Group riding skills. So Pav can figure out numbers and whether he has open this up to clients or other clubs in the area, can you let Pav know if you’re interested. We can discuss the finer details nearer the time but he was thinking of the following formats of courses:
Go-Ride Gears 1-4 Sessions focus on beginner skills such as balance & co-ordination, track stands, cornering, gear selection, mounting & dismounting, leading & following, riding in a group etc.
Go Ride Gears 5-6 Road & TT Sessions focus on basic racing skills (this is the course Pav briefly ran at Christmas) which is an advancement on the above course but specific to racing & time trailing.
Go-Ride Gears 7 Road & TT Sessions are basically coach led racing scenarios which prepare riders for what it’s like to road race and the tactics involved in it.
If you are interested then let Pav know on;

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  1. Paul Simpson
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    Just to stress that Pav is not looking for volunteers to help with this, he is looking for people to take up the training.

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