Getting to know Rick Box

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When did you start cycling?

I started cycling 30 years ago, at first social MTB riding, then after a few years started cycle touring. Over many years I went touring in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, most of Eastern

Europe and of course the UK. Possibly my favourite trip was from Sicily to Rome, great scenery, food, and of course wine!

When did you join Rye Wheelers?

It was during my ‘touring’ days

that I started road cycling,

mainly as preparation for my

touring trips. The more I did the

more I liked it, and ended up

joining Rye Wheelers, thanks to

an introduction from Jeff Gage

in 2013.

What motivates you to ride?

I love going to new places on the bike, and particularly love the Mountains and the stunning scenery they hold. I have really enjoyed several trips to Majorca and the French Alps in the last few years.

Do you have plans and ambitions for cycling in the future?
I have recently rediscovered

mountain biking and have had trips to Myanmar (Burma), Madagascar and I am off on another MTB trip in June to the high places in Mongolia. Then in September it’s off to the Mountains again, this time to the French High Pyrenees.

Do you have a favourite route and cafe stop?

When cycling at home one of my favourite routes from ‘the Bridge’ is to the community cafe

at Benenden via St Michael’s and back via Rolvenden Layne.

Tell us more about you . . . not related to cycling?

Aside from cycling I love walking, in the Mountains when possible. Off to Scotland next week. Hey Ho, it’s a tough life. Happy and safe pedalling!

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  1. Jeff Gage
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    Rick, no reference to potholing/cave diving. I’ll tell Barry.
    I think the club should start an underwater cycling section.

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