Alternative Club Captains Ride, 10-05-2020.

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Keeping up the momentum of the alternative Club Activities this time it was the “Club Captains Ride” and took the form of a Quiz based on the last Captains Ride of last November. The membership were primed for a 9.00 am start and given 20 minutes to complete and return the answers.

The questions, please follow the link;

Captains Club Ride Questions

Shortly after 9.20 the winner was announced by Racing Sec Nick Wilson and it was that man again; David Richardson with 6 points.

The answers were;

1 24th November.

2 David Ovenden, Rick Box and Paul Osborne.

3 Vicxtory Hall Hamstreet.

4 33.

5 35.

6 38.

7 33.

8 35.

9 50.

10 82.

Thanks to all those involved in setting the Quiz and those taking part, please keep eyes peeled for next event.

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  1. Stephen Binger
    | Reply

    Morning Chaps,

    as all road safety rules suggest that road users should keep a safe distance, does this mean that club rides can start again?.

    Kind regards,


    • Paul Simpson
      | Reply

      Club Rides have not started again Steve, this was a Quiz as an alternative to a Ride.

      • Stephen Binger
        | Reply

        Thanks for the information Paul,I realised that rides have not started again, the PMs speech would seem to imply that they could.

        • Paul Simpson
          | Reply

          Ah OK, I think we will await confirmation rather than implication before restarting Club Rides. will keep you updated as to when we can all get together again.

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