Velothon 2015, Wales. 14-06-2015.

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One of many events taken part in this last weekend this tough Sportive bought out the very best in the Rye Wheelers who entered it. Here are a few words and pictures from a very proud Steven Marchant about his wife Ann’s ride.

“Hi Paul
Just to let you now that Ann myself and Ann’s eldest son Luigi took part in the first Velothon Wales along with other Rye Wheelers.
Ann came first in her age group covering the 140km course in a very respectable time of 05:48:48 taking in to account having to stop to carry her bike 200m whilst picking up tacks that had be thrown on to the road. This helped the following riders but possibly put about 20 minutes on her time.
She not only stayed on her bike with out stopping up the Tumble and Caerphilly Mountains but became strava Queen of The Mountains on both again for her age group.
Well done to all Rye Wheelers.
Best Regards


Ann, Steve and Luigi at the finish, bling.



Anns best in age group, wonderful achievement.






Just a shame that the people who threw down the tacks can’t live and let live and soak up the atmosphere and all that it bought to their area, goes without saying a stupid and dangerous action.




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