Covid 19, latest British Cycling Guidance.

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Dear Members,
Please see notes from the committee on Tier 2 & 3  club rides. 

Short summary of British Cycling Guidance. For ease, Kent is in Tier 3 and East Sussex is in Tier 2.

It is not for Rye Wheelers to give instructions to anyone as an individual, but the club needs to keep to the rules, and please consider this carefully particularly if you are wearing club colours. 

Cycling in groups, limited to 6 riders only, is permitted in ALL tiers. You have to keep ONE metre away from another cyclist outdoors, because being outdoors is counted as a mitigation for the two metre rule. 

For riders who live in Kent:

The group must remain in Kent. Cafes are closed for indoor service, but takeaway drinks and food are allowed (if you can find a way of getting them).

For riders who live in East Sussex.

British Cycling says the group CAN ride through Kent, but should not stop for a break in Kent. The government advice goes a bit further and states “avoid travel to or overnight stays in tier 3 areas other than where necessary”. You may find a café open in East Sussex following covid restrictions.

The logical thing is for our groups to split into two (max 6 each) with riders who live in Kent meeting in Kent and staying in Kent, and riders who live in East Sussex meeting in East Sussex and aiming to remain there although if they have to go through Kent a bit on their ride so long as they don’t stop that is in accordance with the rules.

This situation may of course change and we don’t know when or if it will. We can’t generate a link that works to the covid advice page, but it is easily found by searching on

We will leave it to the group WhatsApps to agree on the meeting points in accordance with the guidelines above.

Kind Regards, keep on cycling despite all the challenges!

Rye Wheelers Committee.

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