Club 12 hour TT Records

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Club 12 hour TT Records

The Chart below shows the Current Record Holders.
Category Rider Distance Year
Senior Pav Bryan 269m 2014
Women Bronwen Ewing 224.216m 2009
Junior 16-18 William Murtagh 203.887m 2015
Junior Ladies Vacant
Juvenile 12-15 Vacant
Juvenile Ladies Vacant
Over 50 Men Nick Wilson 248.107m 2013
Over 60 Men Steve Maxted 203.681m 2010
Over 70 Men Rod Harrow 214.368m 2014
Over 80 Men Granville Bantick 173.791m 2014
Over 50 Women Rebecca Wilson 208.426m 2015
Over 60 Women Brenda Davies 158.651m 2007
Tandem Men Vacant
Tandem Women Vacant
Tandem Mixed Vacant
Trike Gordon Lamb 180.00m 1952
For Historic Record Holders follow link below;

Historic Club Record Holders, 100 mile.

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  1. tony whitmore
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    Hi, I was just trolling through old records – came across William Murtagh who rode 203 (nearly 204 miles) in a 12 hr time trial in 2015. Very many congratulations to him – but exactly what age was he (16 -18 yrs) ?. I ask because I still may be the unofficial holder of the youngest official TT 12 hr record ridden in 1967 (early September)- Middlesex 12 won by Jeff Marshal of Hounslow – of a 15 yr old ( myself being 15 yrs , two months at that event ) No age bar in those days – no one considered such a prospect then ??? 218 .8 miles covered. All documented (Kingston Phoenix RC back then) and on the finish sheet. Won the senior club championship that year as the much faster senior (Ian Jackson) did not want to ride a 12 again. Next year ‘ 68 – did a 2hrs 7 mins in the WLCA 50 on the Bath Rd. – still 15 yrs (just by a few weeks). No aero bikes then ! Just a Campy equipped Cinelli steel framed road bike, What happened, just life got in the way – wine, women and song – like for a lot of us youngsters then !. (Remember Dennis Brown – Portsmouth CC ?)
    Again, I admire William – well done. Any youngster who can ride and finish a 12 hr is okay by me.

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