Club 10 TT Results, 07-08-2105.

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Tonight saw a TT of 3 parts and a good turnout for one of the best TT’s around.

Part 1 was our Road Bike only TT, which is a bit of a leveller. The top man was our own Pav Bryan, top woman was Keely Chalk, both picked up one of my favourite sports drink Prosseco as their prize. In the absence of any Juniors our own (now shared with Team Royal Navy) Josh Clark picked up the Choccies.
Part 2 was those who hadn’t realised it was a Road Bike event only and had come on TT bikes.
Part 3 was a 2-up with only 1 entry.
Talk about flexibility!! The Wheelers, the Club that likes to say YES.


Club 10 Result 07-08-2015

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