Club 10 TT Results, 06-05-2016.

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A good start to the season with near perfect conditions, a strong field of 30 riders and err… Road Works a mile from the finish. I say roadworks, there was actually very little evidence of works just the Traffic Lights.

It was decided to run a short course and after a scouting mission by Gordon Sherwood a nice spot was chosen 7.9 miles from the finish, all riders being informed of the distance and a description of where Gordon would be. What none of the riders or starter could possibly know is that on arrival Gordon was told by a Farmer “Get orff my land!!”. A hastilly found replacement was found but this proved to be 9 miles from the start, apologies to riders who had to find that extra mile in their legs.


Club 10 TT Results, 06-05-2016

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