Andre Lefebvre, VC Roubaix, 6-11-2021

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It is with sadness that I have heard from our friend Jean Claud Cremers in Roubaix that Andre Lefebvre of the VC Roubaix passed away at home on Sunday last.

Not many of you will know him but those who took part in the VC Roubaix Clubs own version of the Paris Roubaix in June 2016 and the Paris Roubaix Challenge of April 2015 will remember him as the President of the VC Roubaix Club. Along with Jean Claud Cremers and Michel Paganessi he took us round the course on the day of the pro race and made us feel very welcome.

In 2015 Andre accompanied Jean Claud and Michel in a visit to us and we were able to return the Hospitality. I post seperately some pictures of the Paris Roubaix trips and their trip to us to help us remember Andre, I have also sent our condolences and best wishes to his Family. His Funeral is tomorrow as follows;

Andre Lefebvre


Paul Simpson

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