The London to Brighton, 21-06-2015.

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With its mass start and 4 demanding hills The London to Brighton Ride is something every one should do at least once. Having done it in 2013 for the first time Kelvin Holmes decided to do it again this year with a twist, on a FIXIE!!

Here are a few words and pictures from Kelvin;

London to Brighton 2015
After completing the London to Brighton ride in 2013 I didn’t think it would be something I would want to complete again. The difficulty with this particular ride is the shear amount of people cycling. Some 25,000 took part that year and the compact start leaving London made it challenging to break away from the group. This year however, I felt it important to take part due to the good causes involved. This year I collected for Nystagmus Network UK, as not only my son but also my god-daughter’s son suffer from the condition.
Having previous knowledge of the slow speeds throughout the ride I felt like an extra challenge would make things a little more interesting. This is when I decided to complete the course on my fixed wheel. I knew it would be a struggle and my main worry were the 4 hills but at least this would give me something to sink my teeth into. After a week training into headwinds I felt about ready, little did I know the struggle involved. The thought that stopping would mean having to get off and push kept me on track. Ditchling hill has now become the most difficult climb I have ever completed and downhill was just as bad. Having to pull back wasn’t only painful on my legs but also to my self-esteem.
I managed to complete the ride in about 4 hours and so far have collected £170 of my £300 target. You can still donate on-line at;



The Start.



The top of Ditchling.



The Man of The Hour, triumphant.

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