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Rye Wheelers Club Cycling Kit

Sadly the Clubs current supplier of Club Kit seems to have become a victim of current events and seem to longer be in business. Whilst we look for another supplier we have the following kit in stock and have reduced the price, if you want to order please email;

The kit currently held by the club is as follows;

April 2021, Sale stock

Short sleeve Jersey, Old                                           6                                  £35.00

Short sleeve Jersey, New                                         6                                  £40.00

Long sleeve jersey, Old                                           5                                  £38.00

Long sleeve jersey, New                                         4                                  £44.00

Gilet, Old                                                                    8                                  £35.00

Gilet, New                                                                  9                                  £40.00

Bib Shorts, Old                                                          5                                  £41.00

Bib Shorts, New                                                        8                                  £47.00

Winter Jacket                          3                                  £55.00

Bib Tights                                6                                  £49.00

Race Suits                                4                                  £70.00

Over Shoes                              4                                  £20.00

Prices are per.

All kit is unused and packaged, by old we mean made by a previous supplier, by new we mean made by the most recent supplier.

Various sizes are avilable, please check for availibility.

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  1. James Finch
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    Hi, James Finch here. Do you have a new short sleeve jersey in large ?

    • Paul Simpson
      | Reply

      Hi James, I have passed your enquiry onto our Club Kit person, Angela. Has she contacted you?

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