Paul’s Retro rebuild number 2.

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Another chance find in a junk shop this poor old girl was the start of another buildup and voyage of discovery.

The bike was in the corner looking very sorry for itself with a very non flattering coat of white Dulux(other brands are available).

A closer look showed some promising details that suggested she was better than she looked.

A decent enamelled head badge hinted at some quality.

Grease nipples on steerer and bottom bracket. And nice lugs too.

A serial number on rear drop out should identify date.

After it was stripped down and sent off to the paint shop investigation and the serial number helped identify it as a 1949 bike made in the Sun Bicycles Factory in Worksop before they moved to Birmingham. It was also designated as a lightweight, probably a Wasp.

Identifying the age and model helped with the eBay shopping for correct date parts and when the frame came back the rebuild could start. A mix of original and eBay parts would be fitted to keep it as original as possible, if it hadn’t been for the Dulux paint I would have kept the frame original too.

The frame was a bit of a shock when I picked it up as it seemed a lot brighter than I was expecting, but by the time I got it home I had warmed to it.

The bike turned out really well and whilst a little on the large side she rides really well, changing the rear derailleur to a 5-speed Simplex helps.

And here’s another look, beautiful. Might just shorten the brake cables a little.

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